Fair Stone & DNV PR Dialog Berlin 2018

Our third press dialog in cooperation with the DNV e.V. in Berlin was so well attended with 23 participants as never before. This was certainly also due to the contribution of Mrs Petra Sorge, whose research on Sillikose in North India was published in Der Spiegel.

Theme: "Sustainable Building with Natural Stone & Challenges in Developing Countries"
Location: Kochstr. 26, Berlin Time: 14.00-16.00
Moderation: Dr. Heinecke Werner

1. Prof. Alexander Rudolphi, President DGNB: Sustainable Building and Natural Stone
2. Reiner Krug, DNV e.V .: Ecology, Biodiversity and Natural Stone
3. James Herrmann, Fair Stone e.V .: Fair Stone & China: Recent observations
4. Petra Sorge, Journalist Spiegel: Deadly Dust: Sandstone from Rajasthan, India

FS & DNV PR Dialog Berlin 2018: Presentation by Frau Sorge

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