Fair Stone Partner

Fair Stone Partners are committed European natural stone importers which improve the working conditions in their supply chains in accordance with the Fair Stone Standard. Fair Stone Association is not involved commercially involved in the trade of natural stones itself. The partners listed below will be happy to help you.

For the sake of consistency, simplified terms have been chosen. Here is a brief explanation of natural stone categories: Plutonites (granite, gabbro, etc.) are deep rocks, i.e. rocks that originate from slowly cooled magma in the earth's interior. Vulcanites (basalt, poprhyr, etc.) are not cooled down quickly in the interior of the earth but on the surface of the earth, e.g. in Pompeii or FuDing. Sedimentary rocks (sandstones and limestones) were created from deposits of weathered rocks, mussel shells, etc. and were formed under high pressure after tectonic shifts in the earth's interior.

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A. Tschümperlin AG

Badertscher Natursteine und Baustoffe AG

BAHAG AG/Bauhaus

Bauhaus & Co KB

Bauhaus Depot GmbH

Bent Vangsøe Natursten A/S

BESCO Berliner Steincontor GmbH

De Zanet + Co. AG

Interstein Holding AG

Natura Stein AG

Naturstein Risse, H. Risse GmbH

Natursteinpark Salem GmbH

RÖHRIG Granit GmbH

Stone Experts GmbH

Stonepark GmbH

Stonepave UK Ltd

WEBRO GmbH/Herfurt Natursteine


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