Fair Stone is based on a partnership principle. In cooperation with their local traders, natural stone importers - our Fair Stone Partners - implement the standard criteria within their supply chain. Local Fair Stone Representatives and the Fair Stone team in Germany support the implementation in the target countries. All Fair Stone Partners are listed with their contact details and registered material on the Fair Stone homepage.

A long term relationship between supplier and Fair Stone Partner is essential. Factories and quarries are considered suppliers where measures for worker´s benefits are implemented - out of conviction. This process takes time and is not applicable for single orders. Exporting companies are often responsible for the shipment and the contact between supplier and partner. They are included in the supply chain and have to agree to the Fair Stone conditions as well.

Associated Fair Stone Partners are traders, stone masons and other commercial customers of Fair Stone Partners that support Fair Stone and want to strengthen their market position by using the Fair Stone label. They are not importers but support the fair trade idea.

As a natural stone importer, find information on how to become a Fair Stone Partner. If you are not an importing company but want to sell Fair Stone products - become an Associated Fair Stone Partner.





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