The Fair Stone partnership is initiated by the natural stone importer. He registers his suppliers - stone processing factories and quarries as well as exporters - with Fair Stone. Whether only one factory, several or all supply chains are registered, the motivation of all people involved is key. Every supplier confirms his compliance with all preconditions in the Supplier Agreement. These preconditions - or minimal criteria – have to be fulfilled by each supplier before joining Fair Stone:

  • No child labour: It is forbidden to have children working in the factory/quarry. The minimum age for employment can not be below the end of compulsory education and never below 15 years of age. Children from between the ages of 15 to 18 years are not allowed to work under conditions that harm their morals, health or security.
  • No bonded labour: bonded labour and debt bondage are forbidden. The employment is voluntarily. The company does not retain identification documents, parts of the salary or additional benefits against the will of the worker. Physical punishment, discrimination, verbal abuse and other forms of intimidation to force workers to work or to stay in the factory are not practiced. Workers have the right to leave the factory after a reasonable period of notice.

Additionally suppliers commit to continuously improving the working conditions according to the Fair Stone Standard. This commitment and a good cooperation between all members of the supply chain (supplier, exporter, partner and Fair Stone) is essential for the success of the implementation.

Local Fair Stone representatives visit and inspect the registered suppliers. A first workshop to sensitize the workers about Occupational Health and Safety is conducted. If the basic conditions are fulfilled, the registered materials of this registered supplier may be labelled with the Fair Stone Logo.


Step by Step

After registration the real work starts: Suppliers and Partners commit themselves to implement the Fair Stone Standard within three years. The specifically developed step by step process guides and supports the Suppliers through the implementation process. They report regularly on their progress. The Step by Step reporting serves as a (self-) assessment for the implementation process. User Manuals can be downloaded on Tracing Fair Stone and in the Download section.

The Step by Step process includes three steps:

  • In the first year three progress reports have to be submitted - it is a kind of guideline which supports the implementation process. It focuses on Occupational Safety and Health and the contractual adherence to workers rights. Importance is placed on the usage of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • The second year introduces measures in the areas of management system, intensified Occupational Safety and Health and workers rights. All workers have to be listed and their salary and working hours have to be recorded. It focuses on the safety of the workers.
  • The third year is designed as a self assessment. Suppliers as well as Partners and the Fair Stone Team can check if all criteria have been implemented and where amendments are necessary.



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