Natural stones in private homes

The granite kitchen counter, the paved garden path and the pretty natural stone tiles on the terrace - more and more natural stones are found in private homes. The versatile material is highly regarded for its longevity and naturalness. Besides regional and European stones, more and more imported material is used. The production conditions are mostly not comparable to European Standards. With great engagement and motivation the Fair Stone Partners start to change these conditions in their supply chains by implementing the Fair Stone criteria.

What you can do

Ask for Fair Stone products. Use the offers of Fair Stone Partners and show that you do care under what conditions your products were produced.

Support Fair Stone in the effort to gear public procurement’s alignment along social criteria. Talk with your member of parliament, local minister etc. Support Fair Trade Initiatives and the work of the Agenda 21 groups in your municipality. Point out the possibilities of socially responsible procurement of natural stones.

Information material can be downloaded from the download section or contact us for flyers etc. The Fair Stone team is happy to inform you about fair procurement of natural stones. Please contact us.


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